A box of art lessons and supplies delivered straight to your door!

Which ages are Drew's boxes for?

All Drew's boxes are intended for ages 9 and up. That means that a 9 year old and a 13 year old, with differing skills, can complete the lessons together successfully, and still both be challenged in their own ways. How? First, the lessons are unique and aren't typically found on Pinterest, YouTube, art camps, studio classes, and school art classes. The concepts are taught using new and interesting materials (like copper, linoleum, and glass tiles) and the videos show unorthodox ways of using those materials. So, regardless of age, anyone can learn something unusual and new about a method, technique, or material. Second, we encourage students to use creative problem solving to let their creative decisions guide the outcome of their work. The lessons are about learning a process and to later create unique designs and compositions. Therefore, whether you're 9 or 99, you can still learn a ton from Drew's Art Boxes!

What's inside the box?

Drew's Art Box is a box of 4 or more art class lessons with engaging and comprehensive videos that you can pause or rewatch at any point. As a bonus, every box comes with a list of the vocabulary and definitions used in the videos, an art history-related activity (whether a written assignment, a game, or “art history for thought”), a list of the supplies in the box, and sometimes supportive Drew's apps for the student to use hand in hand with the lessons. All supplies are included, so your child can get the art class experience without leaving the comfort of your home!

What is the process like?

Each box can be broken down into multiple lesson videos, which are found in a private link in the provided booklet. The first lesson is about getting acquainted with the medium itself or as it relates to art history. The second is about practicing the techniques to get a basic understanding of how it all works. The third is about brainstorming different creative solutions until we're happy with some of the options. And the fourth is about using the techniques and background we've learned as well as the studies we've made to create the final pieces. All of the concepts are summarized at the beginning and end of the videos for a review. There's also a brief summary of the next lesson to prepare the student for what's on the agenda when they come back to art class.

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