A box of art lessons and supplies delivered straight to your door!

Drew's Art Box is a complete art class experience in a box:

  • Supplies — All art supplies included!
  • Instruction videos — 3 to 7 engaging lessons you can watch anywhere, at your own pace
  • Art history & vocabulary — A booklet with additional educational materials
  • Interactive apps — Some boxes include simple apps that deepen learning

Designed for ages 9+

Whether your kid is 9 and getting started with art, or 15 and considering art school, they’ll find success and fun challenges with our boxes.

Our unique lessons employ new and interesting materials (not just paints!) and engage students’ creative problem solving skills to let creativity guide the outcome of their work. So whether you're 9 or 99, you’ll definitely learn something new with our art boxes!

Designed by licensed art teachers

Our lessons aren't just fun — they're made by licensed art educators and are designed with the complete rigor of art education best practices.

Each box is a complete unit of 4+ lesson videos, acquainting students with the medium and relevant art history, demonstrating techniques, encouraging and guiding creativity, and putting it all together to produce a final artwork.

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  • Way exceeds expectations!

    Laura B.

  • Love your boxes so much!

    Elizabeth L.

  • Unreal! You guys are fantastic!

    Hillary E.

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