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October is a fantastic time to get creative! It’s a month that gives us a chance to play and tinker with all sorts of different materials. Just think: Pumpkin carvings, DIY Halloween costumes, Leaf collages, Leaf prints, Leaf… everything!

It’s also a time when we can’t help but be inspired by nature. The world’s great painters and photographers sure have been. Autumn awes with its kaleidoscope of brilliant colors — nature’s way of challenging artists to find some way to match this splendor.

And speaking of challenges (the good kind)… October rhymes with Inktober — an annual, international drawing project that is free and open to all! And we mean ALL — all ages, all skill levels, all styles. It’s something we’re really excited about at Drew’s Art Box, and we’d love to tell you more about it.

Highlights from Inktober

What is it?

In the creator’s own words: “Inktober is a month long art challenge created by artist Jake Parker that is focused on improving skill and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing and posts it online. Remember to use the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2019 if you want your art to be seen by everyone.”

What purpose does it serve?

“Inktober is just a framework to get yourself to draw better, flex a little, and/or have some fun with your art. Inktober is a challenge NOT a contest to see who the best artist is. It’s a challenge to see how much you can improve your art in a month, and to be inspired or to help inspire other artists to do the same.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Who are some interesting artists on Instagram to highlight?

And of course, there are plenty more wonderful artists floating around instagram. To find them, all you have to do is search #inktober and #inktober2019 to find an assortment of work, posted as often as every minute. Oh, and for solidarity, here’s one from Drew’s.

Inktober image

@drewsartbox on Instagram

What are the themes for this year?

Inktober image

Where can I learn more?

Why, here of course!

Ok, you’ve got my attention. But October is half-way over. Isn’t it too late to start?

Never! Just hop aboard and start with today’s prompt and keep drawing every day until you hit 31. You can always work your way backwards through the prompts later. You and your sketchbook will be happy for it!

What do I do when the month runs out?

Glad you asked! You can always take inspiration from past years’ prompts and continue drawing at your own pace. Or, you can check out another great group called Kick in the Creatives for even more monthly challenges to join! Fast-forward a few weeks…I have filled more sketchbooks with cool drawings than I know what to do with. Help? We’ve got a plan for that. Your sketchbooks are collectible. That’s right. The Brooklyn Art Library is a one-of-a-kind museum that collects sketchbooks from all over the world for people to look at and admire. And you can share your story! Don’t believe us? Let’s go to the source:

Inktober image

We wish you a happy October, and happy drawing!

Written by Anna Rogulina

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