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Blind Contour Monoprints

This box is an eclectic mix of four different art processes, including blind contour portraits, monoprinting (printmaking) with water-based ink, collage, and watercolors.

This art box includes 3 video lessons on monoprinting and blind contour. All supplies come with the box as well as a list of important vocabulary used and a short critical thinking activity.

A monoprint is essentially a printed (or stamped) painting.

Blind contour is a way of drawing WITHOUT looking down at the paper, and is an excellent exercise to strengthen observational skills.

As people, we tend to make sense of information by simplifying and generalizing the world around us. In this box, we’ll take the time to study and observe, line by line, what our subject looks like, so that we can challenge what we THINK versus what we SEE. There’s no drawing background necessary - we start from zero and work our way up.

In lesson 1, we’ll learn learn about the blind contour method and draw 5–6 portraits, while looking into a mirror. It’s expected that this lesson will take several sessions or classes to complete.

In lesson 2, we’ll explore 3 methods of monoprinting using a roller, ink, and dish soap, and students can decide which technique, if not all, they’d like to delve into for their work. As in lesson 1, students may take breaks and come back to their work each time with a fresh eye and a fresh printing plate.

In lesson 3, students will learn how to add depth to their abstract work as well as paint in details using watercolors. They’ll then add texture by cutting up their prints into collages. Ultimately, students will create with several studies and between 3–6 final works.

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