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This box features 7 video lessons about making a macramé, a textile art that is made using knots.
NEW – Part 2 of this box now available!
Want even more macramé? Check out part 2 of this box.

Macramé is an artistic method of crafting textiles by making a series of knots using cord or string. With macramé, you can create plant hangers, hammocks, belts, bracelets, dreamcatchers, necklaces, and more. To learn about some of the interesting history behind the art of macramé, take a peak at our art history blog.

This art box includes 7 video lessons in which we’ll learn about different knots and make one macramé wall hanging.

In lesson 1, we’ll learn how to measure and cut our cord without a ruler. In lessons 2–6, we’ll learn different knot styles and incorporate dowels to create box compartments. In lesson 7, we’ll learn how to create a loom and incorporate a tabby weaving into our design.

There’s extra cord, yarn, and dowels to make more macramés while experimenting with different knot combinations and patterns. Each art box is made for one student, though you can select additional supplies for one other student.

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