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Embossing Radials

This art box is an introduction to the world of embossing metal foil. It includes 3 lessons on embossing copper and a bonus lesson on embossing and sanding coppertone foil.

This art box includes 4 video lessons about embossing and 1 video lesson about radials. Embossing is the art of creating a raised design from a flat surface and radials are designs that spread out from the center.

In lesson 1, students learn about some of the fundamental concepts of radials such as rotational and reflective symmetry, asymmetry, and balance. Students also learn how to use positive and negative space as well as implied shapes to add variety to their work.

In lesson 2, students learn about and practice the different stages of working with copper including embossing, debossing, and refining. The purpose of the lesson is to experiment with and understand how the metal can bend and stretch. Once students are familiarized with the tools, hand movements, and process, they can move onto creating their final pieces.

In lesson 3, students transfer 3 of their radial designs from lesson 1 onto 3 sheets of copper and use the embossing techniques to carefully press into the copper.

Finally, the bonus lesson is about designing a unique work of your choice, embossing on colored foil aluminum, and sanding down the surface to reveal a silver aluminum underneath. Sanding can give beautiful coloring to an embossing.

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