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Mixed Media Landscapes

This box includes 3 eclectic lessons about painting value scales, creating a mixed media landscape inspired by Vincent van Gogh, and drawing abstract landscapes with white pen on black paper.

Mixed Media generally means an artwork made of both wet and dry materials. Wet materials are things like glue, paint, and ink. Dry materials are art supplies such as coloring pencils, soft pastels, and oil pastels.

The first 2 lessons of this art box are about painting tint and shade scales. Students learn how to mix colors to gradually lighten and darken them, while maintaining the right paint consistency.

In lesson 3, students create an abstract mixed media piece made of materials including acrylic paint, gel pens, sharpie, glue, and tissue paper. They utilize tints, shades, and an element of art called movement to create their Starry Night-inspired artwork. This lesson alone may take 3 or more sittings, as each layer needs time to be thought through and to fully dry before the next can be applied.

In the final lesson, students create 3 abstract landscape drawings using white pen on black paper. They learn from other artists’ landscapes and create their own using symbolic lines and depth.

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