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Mosaic Coasters (Videos Only)

This box features a brief introduction to the history of mosaics and 3 video lessons on designing, gluing, and grouting 3 mosaic coasters.
Supplies not included with purchase
Unlike our other boxes, this unit is exclusively comprised of 4 video lessons, so you'll need to purchase your own supplies. You'll receive an email with an access code which your household can use to watch the videos and use the interactive app for lesson 2.

In this art box, students will make 3 coasters using 10 mm tiles. Included in this unit are 4 video lessons.

A mosaic is a picture is made up of small fragments of the same or different materials. You may see mosaics in jewelry, outdoor furniture, and kitchen backsplashes. But mosaics weren’t always as colorful, eclectic or colorful as they are today. The first mosaics were made with simple round grey pebbles! In lesson 1, students briefly become familiarized with the history of mosaics starting from the Ancient Greek era.

In lesson 2, students create the layouts of their mosaic coasters using an app designed for this box. The program can be used by students so that they can ensure they have enough tesserae (tiles) to complete their unique designs. Planning ahead and mapping out their composition using the app can be very useful.

Lesson 3 is about properly gluing down tesserae. Students learn how to space the tiles correctly, how to avoid flooding, and how to make sure their interstices (gaps) to fit grout.

Lastly, in lesson 4, students mix up their own grout and learn proper grouting methods to effectively fill in the gaps between tiles, while minimizing clean up.

CAUTION: Grout should never be dumped down the drain as it will harden and ruin your pipes! Following proper clean procedures are imperative to not wind up with a super-expensive plumbing bill! Clean up is discussed at the end of lesson 4.

Keep in mind that no supplies are included with this item.

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