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Clay Dragon Eyes

Create fierce looking dragon eyes using clay hand building methods and paint glazing techniques! There are enough supplies to make 2 dragon eye artworks!
This box is currently experiencing a 3-week delay due to popularity and supply shortage.

When most people think about dragons, they imagine the 20th century version created by western world artists: giant, fire-blazing, smoke-spewing, four-legged and winged creatures with claws and scales. While today we know dragons aren’t real animals, in some ancient cultures, dragons were believed to roam the earth right alongside humans! Learn more about some of the different types of dragons written about in mythology, legends, and folklore on our blog.

This box includes a series of educational video lessons about creating majestic dragon eyes out of clay and paint! We’ll learn about hand building techniques, glazing, eye anatomy, and a few elements and principles of art like variety and texture. All art supplies necessary to complete the lessons are included and all vocabulary is clearly defined as we progress through the videos!

Lesson 1 — We analyze human and animal eyes and use hand building techniques to build dragon eyes out of air drying clay.

Lesson 2 — We apply acrylic glazes and explore how add variety, texture and depth.

Lesson 3 — We add gold highlights using watercolor to finish the work.

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