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Soft Pastel Nightscapes

Learn about various drawing techniques, color theory, and the physics behind the northern lights.

Soft pastels make beautiful drawings. They’re fun to blend with and are extremely forgiving of any mistakes! They’re known to have been first manufactured in the 16th Century in Northern Italy. However, pigment sticks have been discovered as far back as the paleolithic era, 40,000 BC.

This box includes educational lessons about techniques that will assist in creating successful and beautiful artwork. We’ll learn about gradations, color theory, silhouettes, the science behind the aurora borealis, aerial perspective, and so much more!

Lesson 1 — Learn about color and draw gradation studies.

Lessons 2 and 3 — We’ll add silhouette forms and texture.

Lesson 4 — We’ll enlarge one of our studies onto a larger board and learn how to prevent smudging.

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