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Paper Quilling Garden

This box features 7 video lessons about paper quilling techniques with plenty of supplies for two kids.

Paper quilling is an artistic process that involves rolling thin, colorful strips of paper into different shapes and arranging them to form a picture or an abstract pattern.

This art box is comprised of 7 video lessons. The first 6 videos explore 10 different paper quilling techniques using the slotted tool, crimper, curling coach, comb, and 2 different sizes of quilling paper bundles. By lesson 7, you'll have made 50-100 coils in preparation for creating a unique design of your own, that may or may not be inspired by nature.

Though we recommend this box for ages 9+, please note that some of the techniques may be advanced.

Warning: Because we are working with paper, paper cuts are definitely a possibility! We recommend applying a bandaid (barring any allergies) to the index finger of our non-dominant hand before getting started. Also, adult supervision is required as some of the tools are sharp.

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