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Lion Portraits

This box features 5 lessons about marker drawing techniques, the grid method, and color theory.

In this box, we’re going to draw a portrait of a lion using the grid method. The grid method is a technique used famously by Albrecht Durer, an Early Renaissance painter and printer.

First, we’ll learn about the history of the grid and create drawing studies with tones, light-to-dark values, and light sources. Then, we’ll use our markers to create a lion sketch and 3 dimensional forms. Next, we’ll use the grid method and create a viewfinder to draw our lion. And lastly, we’ll fill in our drawing with markers using layering techniques and directional lines.

One of our goals is to instill a love of making art, so we’ve also created an interactive app for drawing using the grid method. We hope to see the kids using the app as a drawing tool even after completing the lessons in the box!

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