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Needle Felting Nightscapes

This box features 6 video lessons about felting techniques using soap, water, and a needle. There is enough wool roving for 2 kids!
Adult supervision required
Because needle felting involves the use of a needle, adult supervision is required at all times for this box!
This box contains wool

Wet felting and needle felting is a textile craft in which wool roving (fabric) is shaped into different 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional felt pieces.

In this art box, we’ll practice both wet and needle felting techniques to create beautiful artworks that represent nightscapes.

The first 2 lessons are about creating a pre-felt base and securing it into place using wet felting methods.

In the following 3 lessons, students add details while needle-punching the wool into place. We’ve included a set of finger protectors that students should wear while jabbing at their wool!

In the final lesson, students will agitate the woolen artwork with soap and water to intertwine the fibers and shrink the felt into a sturdy sheet. Felted art can be hung on the wall, used as fabric for clothing, shaped into jewelry, and so much more!

To learn more about wet and needle felting, read our blog post on the topic!

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