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Watercolor Landscapes

This box consists of 3 lessons that explore how to paint landscapes using washes, gradations, and other watercolor techniques.

This art box is about painting landscapes using watercolors. There are 3 detailed video lessons, each approximately 20 minutes long. All of the art supplies (including a round brush, a flat brush, a palette, and a full paint set) are included!

In lesson 1, we learn how to use atmospheric perspective to create the illusion of distance in a landscape. We then practice basic watercolor techniques and paint 9 different pictures of the sky.

In lesson 2, we use atmospheric perspective to paint 6 different pictures of “land” including mountains, grass, and trees.

In lesson 3, we put it all together by painting full landscape compositions, with both land and sky, using all of the concepts learned in lessons 1 and 2.

There’s extra paper included for more practice, and when the students are ready, they can enlarge any of their sketches on 5x7 watercolor paper (also included).

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