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Oil Pastel Seascapes and Jellyfish

Perfect for our drawing enthusiasts, this box features 3 lessons about gradations, color theory, seascapes and jellyfish.

This art box is loaded with lessons to keep students learning for weeks. It includes 6 video lessons, a full set of 36 oil pastels, and 3 drawing boards for beautiful artwork presentation.

The first set of lessons delve into a discussion about color theory and how to organize any box of oil pastels. Using a paper stump and the techniques learned in the videos, students practice blending primary colors to create secondary and tertiary colors. They also practice making gradations in preparation for making 3 dimensional forms.

The next set of videos are about drawing 2 seascapes at different times of the day. Students learn how light reflects off of water and have a full color palette to enjoy and experiment with.

In the last set of videos, students make 4 jellyfish studies with the correct use of light and perspective. They also have the opportunity to sample different color combinations before they’re ready to move onto creating a final, large work, about jellyfish underwater.


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