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Using a lap loom and beautiful hand-picked yarn, learn basic weaving techniques and construct a final weaving.
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Weaving is the process of intertwining horizontal weft with vertical warp strings on a loom to create a fabric or textile.

Weaving is one of the oldest and most storied artforms in human history. From Ancient Egypt to Mexico, North America to Persia, even as far back as the stone age, there are documented remnants of the textile industry. You can learn more about the history of weaving on our blog.

In this box, you’ll find 8 video lessons about weaving techniques that eventually culminate in a finished piece. Here’s how the lessons are broken up:

Lesson 1 — Prepare your lap loom for weaving by adding linen warp string.

Lesson 2 — Learn plain weave and twining stitch to start off your weaving.

Lesson 3 — Practice different methods for making a decorative fringe. This lesson is split into two parts.

Lesson 4 — Learn different weaves like soumak stitch and Egyptian knot to add texture in the weaving.

Lesson 5 — Now that you’ve laid down the groundwork for making your weave, you’ll put it all together and use weaving techniques from lessons 2 through 4 to create a weaving. We’ll also utilize principles of design, including contrast and texture to make your designs look interesting and unique.

Lesson 6 — Learn to cut and tie the bottom of your warp threads so that the weaving doesn’t unravel.

Lesson 7 — Hang the weaving on a dowel, getting it ready to display on a wall in your home!

Learn and create with this guided weaving kit!

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